Self-Service Analytics and Cognos Analytics

IBM has been on a mission to drive innovation with data. In this respect, they recently unveiled its most powerful quantum processor yet, at 16 and 17 quantum bits of quantum volume, respectively. They want people to interact naturally with data and insights so as to drive innovation and transformation. This goes hand-in-hand with the self-service analytics move that has started already. Today we focus on the Cognos Analytics aspect of self-service analytics.

IBM® Cognos Analytics offers smarter, self-service capabilities so one can quickly and confidently identify and act on insight. It’s designed to empower business users, giving them the self-service tools they need to solve individual or workgroup challenges.

And if you’re worried about the quality of data in self-service analytics, IBM has a solution for you too.

One can employ the Datawatch Monarch for IBM Analytics and Datwatch Monarch Server for IBM Analytics blend and prep structured and unstructured data for analysis in Cognos Analytics. The same tools are employed to prep data for Watson Analytics too.

Datawatch Monarch is the world’s most widely deployed self-service data preparation tool. More than 80 functions enable you to manipulate and enrich data with simple point and click. And, absolutely no scripting is necessary. Furthermore, Datawatch Monarch Server adds repeatability and automation to data processing and preparation.

In other words, data preparation tasks are fully automated. Prepared data can be delivered to all users and systems.

We, at Cresco International, have been working with Cognos Analytics for many years now. In fact, we have been associated with Cognos much before the time it came “IBM Cognos”. So as the self-service analytics phenomenon gains more momentum in the workplace today, we can show you the ropes on how to get started with it on Cognos Analytics. Drop us an email at and we can get on a quick call to schedule a demo with you.

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Rise of Self Service Analytics: What’s your take?

Are you a BI-nosaur?

Gartner’s Research Director Joao Tapadin has coined this new term for people who are still using traditional business intelligence (BI) platforms, and considering new norms like Self Service Analytics as mere trends. According to Joao at year’s Gartner BI Summit, these BI-nosaurs will eventually become extinct if they don’t accept new norms and best practices in the world of business analytics.

self service analytics cresco

Self service analytics is disruptive, yet it empowers your employees to run their own analyses with the data (more often raw data), raise questions about the data, evaluate it, gain insights (of course!) and infer the data as per their business needs.

You and Self Service Analytics

Are you ready to move your business to full self service analytics? Yes, there are definite advantages to that for sure – the different teams in your organization wouldn’t have to be dependent on each other, or on any analyst, to access and grab reports from your data. Your sales team will run their own sales reports, marketing team can analyze the ROI of their efforts directly and tweak their marketing strategy accordingly, and what you would get is an ideal situation where teams are being more productive with direct access to data and self service analytics. But is it really so?

What if someone misinterprets the data? Miss the key insights completely because they are looking at the wrong data or running the wrong analysis? The chances of misuse of data and/or analytics can be limitless. 100% self service analytics is definitely not the answer – you need a professional to not only streamline your data, optimize your business analytics tools, but also to plan your analytics strategy. And that’s where Cresco comes in.

How Cresco can help you

Your analytics strategy should be a combination of BI reporting and self-service analytics, and Team Cresco will show you how to balance both types of business analytics. Our experts will counsel the different teams in your organization how to identify key insights from data, work with visualizations to avoid the wrong analyses, data conflicts, and finally, perform further analyses on their own. Our data scientists will enable your different teams to leverage self-service analytics in the right way. And you can then definitely avoid the tag of a being a “BI-nosaur”.

To get started with self service analytics, get in touch with us today.