How the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Utilizes Predictive Analytics to Gain Insight on Recidivism Rates

Criminal justice systems worldwide struggle with high rates of recidivism and poor correctional performance. According to a report released by Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) on April 2014, among all the 404,638 prisoners released in 2005 in 30 states of U.S., 67.8 percent of them were arrested within 3 years of release, and 76.6 percent were arrested within 5 years of release. (See following image)
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Predictive Analysis – A New Solution for IT Security

Since the birth of the first PC, security issues threatens every industry that is implementing IT technology. Traditionally, the solution for IT security was to build a specific response on a specific cybersecurity threats. Since a few years ago, leading companies in the security industry have pronounced that, for every known threat, there is a solution. This is likely to be true.
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Student Retention Improvement with IBM SPSS

no 1 Blog 4-26[Graduation rate (within 6 years) from first institution attended for first-time, full-time bachelor’s degree-seeking students at 4-year postsecondary institutions]
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Why Your Organizations Should Leverage Business Analytics in Today’s Dynamic Market

Customers can affect every aspect of a business. They affect anything from sales and marketing strategies to detailed operation decisions, to supply chain management and inventory control. Enterprises today are facing more challenges than ever before. Consumer product companies are standing on the edge of competition. According to an IBM report, failure rate of introducing new products is more than 70 percent, internationally. Various concerns are adding cost and complexity to the production cycle.
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Business Indicators for Online Booking Websites

Most online booking websites are account-based with their own database systems that store client profile data, reservation details and transaction records. But also, most online booking websites don’t have solutions set in place to be able to review and explore this information enriched data in order to better understand its customers and make better business decisions.
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Cloud Expertise Earns Cresco International Recognition as 2016 IBM North American Top Performing New Business Partner Award

Due to Cresco International’s Overall revenue performance in 2015, February 17th Cresco international was awarded IBM North American Top Performing New Business Partner of the year.
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Introducing Marketing Analytics 2 Action (MA2A)

beacon-award-finalist-antiqueAs a marketer myself, I consistently need to track, monitor and analyze my implemented marketing campaigns, gain a better insight into our customers’ digital journey, review analytics on social media data, and automate marketing to ensure lead conversion and lead tracking. Read more

Beyond Spreadsheets – The Next Level in Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Are you and your organization still using spreadsheets? According to 167 organizations that responded to a 2014 AberdeenGroup study, 91% use spreadsheets in regards to financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. That sounds like a lot of tedious work.
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Accelerating Analytics Planning Processes for Automotive Manufacturers with IBM Cognos TM1

For automotive companies, analytics planning questions arise such as: how do we adjust production scheduling to optimize operations and capitalize on emerging opportunities? How do we get individual subsidiaries and departments all into analytics planning?
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Introducing IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM announced in October at the IBM Insight premier conference in Las Vegas, the next version of Cognos Business Intelligence. The next version from Cognos 10 is not Cognos 11, but instead it is now called IBM Cognos Analytics, and offers a lot of updated and new features. Learn more about the new product in this exclusive interview video with IBM Technical Specialist, David Zyla, straight from the IBM expo floor at IBM Insight 2015. Watch now >