Minimize Loss in Auto Auctions with IBM Predictive Analytics

In the next five years, revenue for the used car market is expected to trend higher. Because the industry relies strongly on consumers to drive revenue growth, fluctuations in disposable income dictate the direction of the industry. In the coming years, rising disposable income levels are anticipated to increase the likelihood of an individual purchasing a big-ticket item, such as a used automobile.
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Student Retention Improvement with IBM SPSS

no 1 Blog 4-26[Graduation rate (within 6 years) from first institution attended for first-time, full-time bachelor’s degree-seeking students at 4-year postsecondary institutions]
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Why Your Organizations Should Leverage Business Analytics in Today’s Dynamic Market

Customers can affect every aspect of a business. They affect anything from sales and marketing strategies to detailed operation decisions, to supply chain management and inventory control. Enterprises today are facing more challenges than ever before. Consumer product companies are standing on the edge of competition. According to an IBM report, failure rate of introducing new products is more than 70 percent, internationally. Various concerns are adding cost and complexity to the production cycle.
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Using IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics to Gain University Campus Security Analysis

U.S. News recently published the 2015 Best College rankings which includes the latest rankings for all US colleges and universities. However, if you pay attention to the details, one thing may surprise you – crime data, or more precisely campus security, were not factored into the Best Colleges rankings methodology.
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Budgeting and Planning with IBM Cognos TM1 For Higher Education Institutions

In a climate of cost-cutting competition for top students and staff, less public funding, and more stringent compliance requirements, college and university administrators must be able to define long-term growth plans while analyzing trends and scenarios to prepare for future excellence. This being said, budget management and planning is undoubtedly the most important step in this process.
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Introducing Marketing Analytics 2 Action (MA2A)

beacon-award-finalist-antiqueAs a marketer myself, I consistently need to track, monitor and analyze my implemented marketing campaigns, gain a better insight into our customers’ digital journey, review analytics on social media data, and automate marketing to ensure lead conversion and lead tracking. Read more

Using Watson Analytics to Gain Key Data Insight into your Restaurant

Big data. It’s what retail companies use to track products and consumer behavior to deliver customized services or purchase suggestions.

Restaurant companies are essentially retailers of food and service, and their operation is influenced by many of the same factors as retail companies. However, competition among restaurants is extremely intense, considering dining options are constantly increasing.
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