Webinar: Weather Means Business

Examples of Clients Putting Weather to Work for Their Business
Tuesday July 18, 2017 11:00-12:00 ET

weather company

Weather affects every inhabitant on earth, every day as well as every business that serves them. It impacts everything from energy prices to media consumption, aviation safety to food costs, retail sales to insurance claims and so much more. Yet most business don’t have a strategy around weather. Join this webinar and learn how companies are using weather data and analytics to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, increase sales, improve worker safety and more.

We will have a panel of customers who will share how weather insights are helping them improve business outcomes in public transportation, supply chain management and entertainment.


• Sanjeev Datta, Practice Director, Cresco International
• Chris Manzeck, Sales Engineer and Meteorologist, The Weather Company
• Client speakers from public transportation, supply chain management and entertainment companies.