Predictive Fundraising Analytics for Higher Education Institutions

Fundraising is crucial for the higher education industry. 33.8 billion dollars was raised by higher education institutions in 2013 with a growth rate of 9 percent to the previous year. Although the gross fundraising amount is increasing, the amount of donors is decreasing. In the past, the main purpose of fundraising was to support colleges or universities’ growth and improvement. But now it is more critical since most funds are also used as a component of operating budgets.

Current Scenario

Fundraising varies across different institutions. At some major universities, it could be equal or even greater than state appropriations – in terms of fundraising revenue among top 20 universities, about 50 percent come from the public, while the other 50 percent comes from private donors. But for many education institutions, improving fundraising is an urgent and priority task.

How Cresco Helps Using Predictive Fundraising Analytics

Cresco International has been helping higher education institutions with institutional advancement using IBM SPPS Modeler.

cresco ibm spss

The process is easy and simple. We start with merging current data sources, like donor’s demographic information, donation history and engagement records. You can then detect who has higher likelihood to donate. Next is channel analysis, which allows us to create dynamic, responsive strategies in building relationships with potential donors, using which we can reach people in the way they want to be reached.

Colleges or universities can find their next opportunity of gift prospect, segment donors by the most effective channels, determine who is most likely to upgrade their gift and even recognize which donors are at risk of withdrawing support. And that’s Predictive Fundraising Analytics for you, with a little bit of our MaaS offering thrown in to give you a complete picture of how we can help higher education institutions better with IBM Business Analytics.

In Conclusion

While fundraising is no easy feat by itself, it can be made quite simple with the help of predictive fundraising analytics. Using our tools can give more direction to your team as to whom to approach, what to expect, and where not to waste any time, money and effort in vain. So isn’t that something you would be interested in? So, get started with IBM SPSS predictive analytics technology today, connect with us now.

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