Budgeting and Planning with IBM Cognos TM1 For Higher Education Institutions

In a climate of cost-cutting competition for top students and staff, less public funding, and more stringent compliance requirements, college and university administrators must be able to define long-term growth plans while analyzing trends and scenarios to prepare for future excellence. This being said, budget management and planning is undoubtedly the most important step in this process.
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Cloud Expertise Earns Cresco International Recognition as 2016 IBM North American Top Performing New Business Partner Award

Due to Cresco International’s Overall revenue performance in 2015, February 17th Cresco international was awarded IBM North American Top Performing New Business Partner of the year.
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Introducing Marketing Analytics 2 Action (MA2A)

beacon-award-finalist-antiqueAs a marketer myself, I consistently need to track, monitor and analyze my implemented marketing campaigns, gain a better insight into our customers’ digital journey, review analytics on social media data, and automate marketing to ensure lead conversion and lead tracking. Read more

Using Watson Analytics to Gain Key Data Insight into your Restaurant

Big data. It’s what retail companies use to track products and consumer behavior to deliver customized services or purchase suggestions.

Restaurant companies are essentially retailers of food and service, and their operation is influenced by many of the same factors as retail companies. However, competition among restaurants is extremely intense, considering dining options are constantly increasing.
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Beyond Spreadsheets – The Next Level in Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Are you and your organization still using spreadsheets? According to 167 organizations that responded to a 2014 AberdeenGroup study, 91% use spreadsheets in regards to financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. That sounds like a lot of tedious work.
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Accelerating Analytics Planning Processes for Automotive Manufacturers with IBM Cognos TM1

For automotive companies, analytics planning questions arise such as: how do we adjust production scheduling to optimize operations and capitalize on emerging opportunities? How do we get individual subsidiaries and departments all into analytics planning?
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Accelerate Insurance Reporting Processes With IBM Cognos TM1

It is important for Insurance companies to gain and retain more customers by offering attractive policies at the best rate, plus focus on customer service and satisfaction. But as volatile economic and market forces place increasing pressure on the financial services and insurance sectors, and every move needs to be carefully planned, how can insurance companies quickly respond to address these problems?
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The New IBM Planning Analytics

IBM announced a new product at the IBM Insight 2015 conference in October in Las Vegas – IBM Planning Analytics – a Cognos TM1, Cognos BI and Cloud offering that is user friendly, intuitive and provides more upgraded features of these products.
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Introducing IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM announced in October at the IBM Insight premier conference in Las Vegas, the next version of Cognos Business Intelligence. The next version from Cognos 10 is not Cognos 11, but instead it is now called IBM Cognos Analytics, and offers a lot of updated and new features. Learn more about the new product in this exclusive interview video with IBM Technical Specialist, David Zyla, straight from the IBM expo floor at IBM Insight 2015. Watch now >

Crime Prediction with IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics

Crime has been virtually eliminated in Washington D.C. thanks to an elite law enforcement squad called “Pre-crime”. The police force used three men, known as “pre-cogs” with special powers to see into the future and predict crimes before they happened. “What is this, this isn’t real”, you say. Of course not. Remember the 2002 movie, Minority Report with Tom Cruise? This incredible way of crime prevention occurs in the movie, making police forces today, wish, why can’t it be that simple?
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