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How the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Utilizes Predictive Analytics to Gain Insight on Recidivism Rates

Criminal justice systems worldwide struggle with high rates of recidivism and poor correctional performance. According to a report released by Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) on April 2014, among all the 404,638 prisoners released in 2005 in 30 states of U.S., 67.8 percent of them were arrested within 3 years of release, and 76.6 percent […]

Optimize Your Inventory with Business Analytics

When people talk about Inventory Optimization (IO), there are probably many definitions behind it: it could mean reducing forecast error with better demand planning, or establishing better inventory target levels, or even improving daily inventory management. Over the past decade, the term has moved from a theoretical construct to a practical tool that improves corporate […]

Crime Analysis with IBM Watson Analytics

Understanding, analyzing and creating reports on crime patterns, criminal behavior, and past crimes is crucial in efforts to help prevent crime. We published a blog post that discusses how police forces are utilizing predictive analytics to understand the crime in their area and determine crime “hot spot” maps to better patrol certain areas. We also published a […]

How to Improve Performance in Cognos

Increasing performance in IBM Cognos platforms is crucial to ensuring that your BI reporting and analysis is performing quickly and efficiently. And now with IBM tools like PureData System for Analytics, which is powered by Netezza Technology, you can gain deeper queries across more data and you can accelerate the speed of which its being processed.